self-help, business, parenting booksOh, this is a large section of The Bookstore! It’s a mixture of Business, Investments, Self-Help, and Parenting.

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Making Friends, Learning to Lead, Being the Boss, Making Conversation, Becoming a Better You, Budgetting, Finding your Inner Child, Speaking with Your Children, Understanding Relationships, Becoming a Better Spouse, Why He Says What He Says, Why She Says What She Says, Why He Does That, Why They Do That, Why She Does That, Changing Mindsets, Learning Speed Reading, Making Decisions, Becoming a Boss, Self Employment, Ebay, Selling, Investing, Banking, Learn to Say No, Learn to Say Yes, Abundance, Not Taking Offence, Not Offending, Dealing With Teenagers, Dealing with Kids, Dealing With Parents, How to Parent, How to Let Go, Grieving, Forgiving, ….you name it!

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