Music Dies Poster

A replica of the front page of the World Daily News newspaper Special Edition on February 1, 1959. “Music Dies in Mason City, Iowa”

As the tour bus was having some mechanical problems, Buddy Holly chartered a plane to continue the tour with.  The ‘Big Bopper’ Richardson was sick with the flu,  he managed to convince a member of Buddy Holly’s Band  (Waylon Jennings) to give him his seat on the plane.

For this, the Winter Dance Party tour, Buddy Holly wasn’t with the Cricket. His band for the tour was Waylon Jenning (bass),  Tommy Allsup (guitar), and Carl Bunch(drums), with the opening vocals of Frank Sardo.

So, while the band would continue to the next stop on the tour with the bus (once it was working), Buddy Holly, Big Bopper Richardson, Ritchie Valenz, and the pilot of the Beechcraft Bonanza plane, Roger Peterson, took off.  A few minutes after takeoff from Mason City on a flight headed for Moorehead,  Minnesota, the plane crashed.

Having not been informed of any worsening weather conditions, the pilot had decided to fly “on instruments” meaning without visual confirmation of the horizon which led to the crash.

On the poster or billboard, under Special Edition, it states “February 3, 1959.  Weather Sunny”